Dear All Medias and Influencers,

Thank you for your interest to visit and stay at Grande Centre Point Pattaya. Please kindly fulfil the form to let us know about you. After receiving your request, we will contact you within 2 weeks. (Please request 3-4 weeks before travelling.)

*Sponsor Evaluation Criteria*
1. Style of Content
2.Website Traffic or Social Media Engagement
3. Media Return

If you need to contact us with other project.
Please kindly fulfill in comment below.
Thank you for your support.

Thank you for interested to visit us. Grande Centre Point opens the door for media & influencer requests. Please kindly fill in the form below for the request.

Corporate Media Relations is unable to respond to inquiries that are not from journalists.

After receiving your information, we will matching your information provided with our criteria as follow:

Sponsor criteria:

  • 1. Style of content match to hotel' s positioning and targets
  • 2. Target market, key messages, Website traffic and social media engagement
  • 3. Media return
  • 4. Room availability
  • Minimum requirements in return:

    – Copyright-free photo and video (10-15 photos or video) for hotel use
    – Media review on blogger/influencer channels

    Should our goals are aligned we will contact you within 10 days. Please request before your visit 3 weeks. Thank you very much.